Rich in color, these are my favorite watercolor paints.
I also use the pan sets.
These watercolor pencils are so easy to blend.
I love the price on this so I use this pad for my drafts work.
I use these for both watercolor and ink pieces.
These Princeton Elites are my favorite but find a synthetic brush that works for you.
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Tim Holtz - Ink
Most of my collection is made of Ranger inks. They are often sold in a set of three complimentary colors.
Piñata - Ink
A transparent, dye based ink from Jacquard.
Brea Reese - Ink
A dye based, acid free ink from Brea Reese.
Masking Fluid
Want to know how I get my sharp lines? I use a variety or masking fluids. I love the color tint in the Pebeo.
Blending Solution
A must have.
Look for 91% Isopropyl alcohol or higher for a budget friendly alternative to blending solution.
Yupo - Paper
A nonporous, synthetic paper
Nara Paper
My recommendation for those just starting out - more forgiving.
Posca Pens
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Arteza Acrylics
Each is labeled with the shade's opacity, lightfastness, an pigment information.
Liquitex Acrylics
Arteza Flow Paints
Perfect for those just starting out, or those who don't feel like doing the prepwork.
They have amazing pre-mixed paints for pours.
Liquitex Mediums
Liquitex Ink
Micron Pens
For my detailed lines.
I look for archival quality varnishes like the one from Golden. I'll also add UV protection.
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Micron Pens

For my detailed lines.

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