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Fox Brandy Michele


Fox Michele is the owner of Opal Fox Fine Art. Working in acrylics, inks, and watercolors, she connects the world with her art as she feels it - always looking for the next opportunity to translate she everyday experiences into artistic expressions. Her works can be found in several public spaces and galleries; along with the exhibit shows and festivals she takes part in.

Fox currently resides in Spokane, Washington where she works within the community to open others to the necessity of art and encouraging the growth of community art projects.

She has a background in sales and has been mostly self taught in the fine arts field. No matter what, Fox approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication. She has stated that art has always had a place in her life. She contributes her ability to have overcome emotional hardships and childhood trauma to the opportunities she has had to be creative and escape into her art.

Fox also teaches private and group classes specializing in alcohol inks. 

What's Next:

Bringing the art to you, keep a look out for a different kind of gallery!

Follow The Rebel Gallery progress on Instagram @TheRebelGallery. 

"I strive to bring forward the importance of the arts to both ones' personal well being and to our society as a whole. I believe you can gauge a community's health on its appreciation of the arts."


Opal Fox Fine Art- Owner

The Art Advocate Association - Founder/Executive Director 

River Ridge Association of Fine Arts - V.P.

Art Circle - Board Member

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